Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

We will scan your website and examine all content.






Mobile compatibility

On Page SEO factors such as page titles, headings, descriptions, page content, valid HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and more

Fixing On-Page SEO can have a positive impact on your Google ranking and also improve your customer experience when they visit your website

Website Speed Audit

We will scan your website and establish factors that are affecting site speed.

Page size






Site speed is really important for your customer experience because if your web page takes too long to load, you will lose that potential customer. It can also help reduce the load on your server and the amount of data transferred. 

Taking steps to improve your site speed could dramatically improve performance of your pages.

Website Security Audit

We will scan your website and identify any security concerns


MIME Types

Content sniffing exploits

Clickjacking exploits

XSS exploits

Server exploits

Site security trumps both SEO and Speed.

If your website is not secure, a hacker or scammer could use various exploits to steal customer information or take your website down holding you to ransom. These types of exploit can cause you some serious reputational damage that you could struggle to recover from.

When you read your free website audit report, if you only do one thing, we urge you to focus on security and fix any open exploits.