Sample Website Audit Report

We have run many website audit reports and seen a broad difference in the scores achieved.

Here is a breakdown of a report we performed recently.

This site had around 700 pages to scan.

Our report gave them an overall score of 69%

Website Audit Report Before

We were asked to try and improve things and they were particularly concerned with the low security score.

After our interventions, this was the result:

Website Audit Report After Interventions

We increased their overall score from 69% to 83%.

Notice the improvement in security. We increased their security score from 48% to 99%.

Their SEO was already quite healthy at 74% but we managed to improve it to 81% and their site speed remained the same.

In some cases, the customer is not prepared to invest the time and money in improving certain aspects signposted in the report because it can involve complex code changes, server upgrades and other things. But at least they understand their current position on SEO, SPEED and SECURITY and if their circumstances change, they can refer to their report (or request a new one) and aim to improve their website performance further.

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